Do you know why you love her ....??


a_akak said...

There are too many things that you cant remember one and each one is more important than the other and each time you find out all the reasons you find out that you missed more than you actually knew

Fe Aman Allah

Good Girl said...

Well, there is feeling that you wouldnever experience any where else but your place...your country...feeling of being secure and protected.
I love my country bcoz it's sand is made of my granies's bodies and my family and friends are there, bcoz there was my first few steps. ....
Beauitful blog asma.Thanks.


abdullah SH said...

Oh ...hard qu !! Like someone ask u do u lve ur mom !! 2 many wrds cant describe my feelings toward my country libya ... my life , my family ,my friends , my memories ...simply my destiny ...salam

Motherland said...

It is my life no more ... Best regardS

سفير السلام said...

My English is very bad
I write and I hope that you understand
Libya beautiful country in history and at present
I love Omar Al-Mukhtar
he is history Libya

WEDA said...

helwa ya balady.. may be i learned love in so i've 2 lov her first...& my love is libyan i love her...but i love her without any reason ..just it's my home isn't it enough

CrowdedMind said...

Libya is chocolate
I can't live without chocolate I love chocolate
I love Libya

Fe aman Allah