here i am ..

here im bloging again...really i miss my blog and ur comments.. what i've seen in the last week push me to write this post ..
while i was on my way to the hospital ..i see this pic ,,really its not a surprizing view in that area where cemant factory always spread his fumes but this time it got increased ..they said that there's somthing wrong with the filters ..i dont know the real cuze ..but im sure from one thing that this factory is completly illegal ,,its place which had not changed since long time while the houses hospitals .schools. appeared all around in that area ..
the pepole who work there suffuring from all the hazards that u can imagin ..
no protection or any thing ..
and all Benghazi cetizines are suffring from it's pollution ..
instead all of that there's no enough cement 4 those people
so so ,what's the soloution ??
is there an end for such pollution ..
or we will suffer for long time watching such a pic we'r seeing now ...