today is aspecial day in my life ..i did my first clinicle exam and i got a very nice mark .
so thanx 4 evey one how supporting me.. dad mam my freinds..and everyone


yes ..i felt like that when i see her ..even through out this mounth i saw lots of babies but this is my girl..
last wednsday she was born.. i was the mam on labour room at the beging she was like any mam we see there. but once her labour became difficult me and few freinds started catching and we encourged her 2 push..
it was the first time for her to have a baby but things didnt went will the labour became difficult and the dr decidedto deliver her surgily "c\s" then we started looking for the mum.when she saw us she startdsmiling and calling me my angle ..
i got shocked and she start explaning to me how she felt when she was holding my hand ..
i went to see the baby in the nursary ..really shes the angle how quite she is ..
then the mam start asking me about my name cuze she want to call her like my name shingly i till her my name but i suggest her to ask her father if he like spacific name.cuze my mane not as oho ..
in the second day she told me i must suggest so i told her "ASEAL"& she said her dad likes' raean ' so i said raean nice name ..yes that's the name of my little girl